The Municipal Red Tape Puzzle

Municipal red tape is time-consuming and costly and you have told us it is a concern for you. But it flies under the radar and we feel it deserves more attention.

Highlighting small business priorities for the municipal budgets

As municipalities prepare to table their budgets, CFIB has been working hard to ensure small business priorities are being heard.

Higher property assessments do not have to lead to higher property taxes

In 2016, property taxes in many municipalities in Newfoundland and Labrador jumped remarkably higher. Many argue that huge increases in property assessments were the main reason. However, that is only one part of the story.

Small businesses deserve a workers’ compensation rebate

WorkplaceNL has achieved its funding targets, so employers should receive a rebate of $97 million.

Memorial University finances – it’s time to think long-term

A staggering 70% of Memorial University’s operating budget comes from government transfers – an untenable situation given the current provincial fiscal reality. CFIB compared the finances of Canadian universities similar in size to Memorial University and discovered an imbalance in how it generates revenue.
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