How much would a CPP increase cost your business’ bottom line?

Sign CFIB’s petition to tell the GNWT and federal government to say no to a CPP hike!

Tips to help you stop scammers

Arm your business in the fight against fraud. Avoid common scams with our practical tips, webinars, and videos.

All TFWs should be allowed to stay in Canada

CFIB is calling on the federal government to offer flexibility to thousands of Temporary Foreign Workers facing an early departure from Canada as of April 1, 2015, even though their permanent residency applications have yet to be fully processed.

The time is now to remove trade barriers within Canada

As trade ministers meet in Toronto to update Canada’s Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT), CFIB is urging them to push hard to finalize a new deal that removes provincial barriers to free trade.

CFIB discusses workers’ compensation issues in NWT

Dave Grundy, President and CEO of the Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission (WSCC)meets with CFIB's Senior Policy Analyst for NWT.
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