Nova Scotia Municipal Update

Municipal governments in Nova Scotia need to pay attention to small business needs.

It’s time for small business tax relief!

Nova Scotia is one of the most highly taxed jurisdictions in Canada and it’s time government took action. CFIB is lobbying for change – and we need your help!

Is the fight for $15/hour minimum wage really fair?

The NDP, with the support of organized labour, is demanding Nova Scotia implement a $15 minimum wage over the next three years.

New Nova Scotia workers’ compensation policy: what employers need to know

If you are an employer in Nova Scotia with WCB coverage, it’s important you read this and share your views.

No news is good news for Nova Scotia’s small business confidence

Optimism among Nova Scotia's small businesses saw very little change in November. Its Business Barometer Index remained strong at 64.9. Full-time hiring intentions are becoming somewhat weaker than in the past months with 20 per cent of respondents now foreseeing layoffs while 14 per cent are planning increases. The share of business owners saying their firms are in good shape decreased a little also in November.
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