The ORPP is (almost) dead, CPP rate hike is now upon us

CFIB delivered over 47,000 signed petitions against ORPP implementation. While it is being winded down, our fight against higher payroll taxes is far from over.

Ontario Budget 2016: Taxing the jobs for today and tomorrow

The 2016 Ontario Budget: another missed opportunity for the government to address small business priorities.

Government neglects to address skyrocketing energy costs for small business

CFIB research shows that electricity costs continue to rise, despite small businesses taking measures to control these costs. It is time for government to redesign energy policies to meet the needs of small business.

Ontario labour reforms should aim to better support small business

CFIB raises small business concerns on the ongoing employment standards review. Ultimately, any labour legislation reform should aim to support small businesses.

No increase in WSIB rates in 2016

CFIB met with WSIB Chair Elizabeth Witmer to discuss rates and steps to improve the WSIB to make it more accountable to small employers.
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