Tell Saskatchewan to step up and consult on CPP too!

It’s never too late to do the right thing. With BC launching public consultation on CPP, we are urging the Saskatchewan Government to consult too!

Sask WCB rebate cheques coming soon

Find out if your business is eligible to receive a part of Sask WCB’s $281.5 million surplus.

Transformational Change needs to translate into real cost savings

The Sask Budget recently introduced a government-wide initiative to ensure public services are delivered in the most efficient way. Check out CFIB’s recommendations.

Time to reform municipal sick day policies

Banked sick day liabilities are costing the City of Saskatoon $14.7 million and the City of Regina $10.8 million. Instead of hiking property taxes, we are pushing the Cities to replace these outdated policies with fairer short-term disability plans.

Tell mayors to stop hiking property taxes

We fear many Saskatchewan municipalities may hike property taxes again in 2017. Sign our action alert and help CFIB tell municipal leaders to spend wisely and avoid a tax hike!
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