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Laura Jones: Order Of The Bear forms against red tape

October 25, 2016
The two most powerful words in the English language might just be “thank you”. As small business month in British Columbia comes to a close, it’s not unexpected that an advocate for small business would suggest independent business owners and their families deserve to hear those words a lot more often.

Laura Jones: WorkSafeBC rebate for business owners is overdue

May 31, 2016
It’s time for WorkSafeBC to give employers some of their own money back.

Laura Jones: B.C. cities could learn from small business on credit card fees

Vancouver, May 17, 2016 – In 2015, 10 municipalities in British Columbia paid almost $5 million to accept credit cards, ranging from a low of $87,577 in the City of North Vancouver to a high of $2,042,000 in the City of Vancouver. Is there a way to reduce these costs?

Laura Jones: Lack of affordability hampers small business

May 3, 2016
It is in vogue for politicians to worry about affordability for the middle class. But what of affordability for small business owners who are themselves typically middle class and who support thousands of middle class jobs?

Laura Jones: Good leaders project their values and passions

April 19, 2016
What is this thing we call leadership? That’s the question I was asked to decode for an audience of woman business owners last week.

Laura Jones: It's time to reform municipal sick day policies

April 5, 2016
Municipal governments have a problem, albeit one they don’t want to talk about. As many municipal agreements in the province are being renegotiated right now, here’s one that should be looked at: reform municipal sick day policies.

Laura Jones: Be proactive to combat small business fraud

March 22, 2016
March is Fraud Awareness Month, and to help raise awareness the Canadian Federation of Independent Business conducted a survey of business owners that gives unique insight into how prevalent the problem is.

Laura Jones: In celebration of less red tape

March 7, 2016
Last week also happened to be the first Red Tape Reduction Day in the province. When Minister Coralee Oaks put forward the legislation to create the day last fall, she committed to use it to reduce red tape irritants wherever they might arise, including government service.

How Ottawa can shed a few pounds and avoid becoming badly out of shape from mounting deficits

March 7, 2016
Sometimes bad choices seem almost impossible to avoid. But they always catch up with you. This lesson is just as applicable to budget-making. What starts out as a commitment to three deficits no greater than $10 billion can quickly become $18 billion.

Laura Jones: How to get past the PST

February 24, 2016
Last week’s budget announcement that the government will strike a tax competitiveness commission to consult with British Columbians and make recommendations, while making it very clear that HST is not option, strikes a reasonable and politically courageous compromise.

Laura Jones: Be prepared for a boring B.C. budget

January 26, 2016
On Feb. 16, Finance Minister Mike de Jong will be tabling the provincial budget. I predict it will be boring.It’s not yet time for the budget before the election, where governments tend to work hard to make everyone happy. We have to wait until next year for that. The only interesting political musings related to this year’s budget centre on housing affordability...

Laura Jones: B.C. businesses want unequal tax bills cut

January 13, 2016
Gasps were heard across the Lower Mainland last week as property assessment notices landed and thoughts of, “My property is worth how much???” gave way to, “Holy mackerel, what does this mean for my taxes?”
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