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Beyond the big idea – redefining ‘innovation’ to include small business

December 16, 2016
Google. Apple. Shopify. 3M. These companies tend to come to mind when we talk about ‘innovation’. We picture it as something that takes place in a computer lab, usually in the science or tech field. But, for most of Canada’s independent businesses, innovation does not necessarily mean developing a new app or wearable technology.

CFIB: Ways to help low-income Manitobans

October 1, 2016
As several provinces across Canada prepare to hike the minimum wage on October 1st, the new Manitoba government bucked the trend earlier this week when it decided to freeze minimum wage and consult with the public on better ways to help low-income earners. It is a smart move.

Immigrants Are the Solution to Canada's Labour Shortage

July 7, 2016
With Canada's economy still stuck in what is best described as neutral, you would think Canadian workers would be clamoring to scoop up what are reported to be scarce jobs across the country.

Minor course corrections in race toward level playing field

June 1, 2016
For most Manitobans, the 2016 budget was the first real chance to see how our new provincial government plans to manage the economy. Entrepreneurs were looking for real policy action to halt the unsustainable growth of government and address our uncompetitive tax climate. While the government provided a few positive first steps to tackle these issues, there is still much work left to be done to unleash Manitoba’s full economic potential.

Manitoba prosperity: we're not there yet

April 5, 2016
Manitoba’s political parties are promising to remedy our economic ills and lift our standard of living. While we hear about miracle cures and the promise of prosperity, far less time has been spent diagnosing the problem. So just how healthy is the economy? The Manitoba Employers Council, representing 24,000 employers and 300,000 jobs, took an in-depth look at key indicators of economic health and compared them with our provincial neighbours.

Small biz takes hit from Liberal budget

April 1, 2016
Thanks to a turbulent global energy market and a weak economic outlook, Canadian small business confidence is at levels not seen since 2009. At times like this, government actions matter more than usual. The right actions can encourage job creation and quicken economic growth while the wrong actions can exacerbate an economic downturn. It's a delicate balance and the federal 2016 budget creates more economic storm clouds on the horizon.

Politicians shouldn’t ignore small business

March 31, 2016
Manitoba political parties are pledging to bring more jobs and economic prosperity if they win the election. These laudable goals can only be accomplished if small businesses are thriving. Yet this is not the case. Two-thirds of small business owners are concerned about the state of the provincial economy. Even worse, seven in 10 entrepreneurs aren’t confident the policy changes they need to create jobs will be addressed during the election.

How Ottawa can shed a few pounds and avoid becoming badly out of shape from mounting deficits

March 7, 2016
Sometimes bad choices seem almost impossible to avoid. But they always catch up with you. This lesson is just as applicable to budget-making. What starts out as a commitment to three deficits no greater than $10 billion can quickly become $18 billion.

Municipalities have their fair share

March 2, 2016
The Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) unveiled its “Fair Share, Fair Say” election campaign for more and higher taxes. AMM says local governments are operating at maximum efficiency and only new revenues from the province can solve their infrastructure deficit. The reality is municipalities are far richer than they let on and new tax dollars will continue to fund overly generous municipal wages and benefits, not infrastructure.
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