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Beyond the big idea – redefining ‘innovation’ to include small business

December 16, 2016
Google. Apple. Shopify. 3M. These companies tend to come to mind when we talk about ‘innovation’. We picture it as something that takes place in a computer lab, usually in the science or tech field. But, for most of Canada’s independent businesses, innovation does not necessarily mean developing a new app or wearable technology.

Immigrants Are the Solution to Canada's Labour Shortage

July 7, 2016
With Canada's economy still stuck in what is best described as neutral, you would think Canadian workers would be clamoring to scoop up what are reported to be scarce jobs across the country.

The Straight Truth: A Pension Plan Hike Is A Terrible Idea

June 16, 2016
When the country's finance ministers meet in Vancouver on June 20 to discuss expanding the Canada Pension Plan and Quebec Pension Plan (CPP/QPP), there will be a lot on the line for Canadian workers and business owners. But it's not too late to put the brakes on a proposal that will destroy jobs, hold back wages and even push some businesses over the edge in years to come.

Sens right to stickhandle around Wynne's pension plan

March 10, 2016
Earlier this week, the National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA) attempted to stickhandle its way out of the ORPP mess by asking the Ontario government for ORPP exemptions for the Maple Leafs and Senators. The average salary of an NHL player is around $2.5 million and players have a “generous” pension plan. However, the players’ plan is administered in the U.S., which could make it difficult to qualify for the exemption.

How Ottawa can shed a few pounds and avoid becoming badly out of shape from mounting deficits

March 7, 2016
Sometimes bad choices seem almost impossible to avoid. But they always catch up with you. This lesson is just as applicable to budget-making. What starts out as a commitment to three deficits no greater than $10 billion can quickly become $18 billion.
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