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Federal Election 2015 – A call for strong small business policies

October 22, 2015
The October 2015 Federal Election presents Canadians with a choice that will shape the country’s future. Federal policies affect owners of small- and medium enterprises (SMEs) and their employees, often in ways voters don’t think about before they cast their vote.

Pushing for a small business-friendly federal budget

April 29, 2015
Small business owners across Canada know running a business means making tough choices. Each and every decision you make impacts your ability to not just survive, but thrive. With the upcoming federal budget, now is the time for the government to make policy decisions that will give Canada’s small businesses a boost.

Island businesses start 2015 feeling confident with low oil and low Canadian dollar

April 14, 2015
It would be no surprise to many Islanders that times have been tough for our local businesses. Weak economies in the U.S. and throughout Canada have limited markets for our many of our key exports. We continue to see outmigration, particularly of our young people and from our rural areas. The impacts on our communities are obvious but for businesses it represents a loss of both customers and workers. Couple these trends with high taxes and high energy prices and it’s easy to see why Islander
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