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Report debunks Canadians’ misconceptions about agriculture

November 21, 2014
Canada – A sector of innovation and growth, debunks Canadians’ misconceptions about agriculture.

CFIA rules cost Canadian farmers $657 million a year

January 29, 2014
On day three of CFIB’s 5th annual Red Tape Awareness WeekTM we released the 2nd CFIA Report Card. For the first time, the cost of complying with CFIA regulations was been calculated, totaling $657 million each year for Canadian farmers.

Fostering Ag Competitiveness

July 11, 2012
CFIB is committed to providing your views to federal and provincial governments as they develop the next agricultural framework with Growing Forward 2. Our report, Fostering Ag Competitiveness, outlines our 7,200 farm members’ priorities for government action.

Time for a New Vision at the CWB

February 1, 2011
As the new Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) Board of Directors meet for the first time since the 2010 Director election, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is calling on the Board to develop a new vision for the CWB. According to its Prairie members, CFIB believes there are many outstanding concerns the Board needs to address in 2011.

AgriStability or Aggravation?

June 9, 2010
CFIB’s report, AgriStability or Aggravation, outlines your serious concerns and frustrations with AgriStability. Agriculture ministers have been reviewing business risk management programs since July 2008 and you have said it is time for action. Governments need to make some immediate changes to AgriStability and address the competitive challenges in the agriculture sector.
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