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Wanted: Government Vision for Small Business

February 19, 2014
A survey of CFIB members reveals dramatic differences from province to province in how small business owners perceive their provincial governments’ vision to support entrepreneurship. Wanted: Government Vision for Small Business also examines Canadian entrepreneurs’ perception of their provincial governments’ as pertains to other factors that affect the business climate.

Building prosperity for the future

October 1, 2010
Atlantic Canada has traditionally been a region that is rich in labour and where public policy has focused on finding jobs for people rather than finding people for jobs. With an aging population, the out-migration of young people, and low immigration levels, our labour force is changing and we must now deal with the fact that the future prosperity of the region requires us to do more with less. The region needs to be more productive.

The Future of Atlantic Canada

October 1, 2009
CFIB members have identified several advantages to operating a business in Atlantic Canada. They include the ability to balance work and family life, the region's proximity to the U.S. market, and the perceived lower cost of living relative to other parts of Canada. Atlantic Canada also offers a highly skilled and educated workforce, with some of the lowest turnover and absenteeism rates in the country.

Small Business, Big Value

October 15, 2007
Small businesses are highly respected and recognized for their contribution to Canadian economy and society. Canadians think owning a small business is rewarding while entrepreneurs see both the benefits and the challenges of owning a business in Canada.

Building Business Success

April 24, 2007
A Survey of SMEs on Productivity
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