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Beyond the Big Idea: Redefining and rethinking the innovation agenda

October 19, 2016
A new CFIB report on innovation and small business offers a wholesale review on how policy-makers can tap into and support the ingenuity driving Canada’s small firms.

Groundbreaking report on fraud and small business

March 17, 2016
One out of every five small businesses is victimized by fraud, but at what cost? For the first time ever, CFIB has been able to put a price tag on scams, finding that small businesses impacted by fraud lost, on average, $6,200 to scammers in the last year.

Passing on the Business to the Next Generation

November 26, 2012
Canadians will see a massive transfer of small business assets in the next decade – possibly more than a trillion dollars – but there’s a problem: many entrepreneurs don’t have a succession plan in place.

SMEs tell us how they survived the recession

September 22, 2011
SME owners have many tales to tell about their experiences during the economic downturn. Some cut costs to the bare minimum. Others explored and thrived in new markets. CFIB’s newest report paints an overview of the SME experience during the past four years, and identifies a special subsection of SMEs that grew their operations despite the downturn.

Perspectives on small business in Canada

July 19, 2011
CFIB/HP/Intel poll finds Canadians value and respect entrepreneurship; small business is driving growth through IT investment.

Big Opportunities, Bigger Challenges

June 1, 2011
As the single largest buyer of goods and services in the country, the federal government should be a reliable and lucrative client to Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Unfortunately, their attempts to access federal procurement are frustrated by a confusing application process, excessive paperwork and a byzantine system of rules.

Trade without Borders

April 21, 2010
Thousands of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) trade goods and services across the Canada/US border every day. Yet their needs and experiences are often overlooked as they deal in much smaller volumes or trade with less frequency. This report explores the SME experience with both Canada and US border agencies and suggests ways the border experience could become more small business friendly.

Answering the Call

March 3, 2008
SMEs’ Perspectives on Competition in the Canadian Telecommunications Industry
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