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The $68 billion question: How can cities cry poor while spending so much?

Just in time for budget season, "Canada’s Municipal Spending Watch 2015" shows that Canadian municipalities have already overspent to the tune of $68 billion over the last decade.

Good workers getting harder to find for small businesses

A CFIB survey of Canadian small business owners finds that even though employers love their current workers, the quality of job applicants is slipping.

Small Business, Big Investment: Improving Training for Tomorrow’s Workforce

Training is an essential tool for Canada’s small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The vast majority of Canada’s smallest businesses train their employees by investing $31,238 on average each year. That’s $1,907 per employee! The federal and provincial governments must do more to encourage training and recognize the time, money and effort already spent by small businesses to make Canada’s labour force the best in the world.

Ranking Provincial Tax Systems in Canada

Canada’s two most populous provinces continue to lag behind most of the country when it comes to small business-friendly tax systems.

Battle of the Banks: How small businesses rate their banks

Credit unions continue to outperform banks when it comes to serving the financial needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, but what do Canada’s entrepreneurs think about the banks? Find out which banks are small business-friendly, and which banks are... not-so friendly.
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