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Wanted: Property Tax Fairness in Saskatchewan 2015

CFIB's released its 8th annual comparison of property tax gaps between 101 Saskatchewan municipalities. Find out how your municipality stacks up.

Report debunks Canadians’ misconceptions about agriculture

Canada – A sector of innovation and growth, debunks Canadians’ misconceptions about agriculture.

The $68 billion question: How can cities cry poor while spending so much?

Just in time for budget season, "Canada’s Municipal Spending Watch 2015" shows that Canadian municipalities have already overspent to the tune of $68 billion over the last decade.

Good workers getting harder to find for small businesses

A CFIB survey of Canadian small business owners finds that even though employers love their current workers, the quality of job applicants is slipping.

Municipal overspending costs Canadian households $7,800

Canada’s Municipal Spending Watch provides a snapshot of extravagance at municipalities across the country. The report pegs the total cost of municipal overspending nationwide at over $7,800 per household over 12 years.
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