Sustainable growth: how your business can help protect the environment and save money!

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Small business owners like you have told us that you believe it’s important to do your part in protecting the environment by taking steps to make your business greener. While most small businesses may not be able to afford big, expensive environmental strategies, many come up with creative and low-cost solutions to make their business more eco-friendly.

Making it easier to be green
Often, it can be hard to find information or resources from the government on ways your small business can become more environmentally friendly. That’s why we’re asking governments to:

  • Provide a central resource online, where your business can access information on environmental measures, programs, and financing.
  • Introduce an expense deduction or a 100% Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) rate for technology purchases to help your business access new “clean” technologies.
  • Provide more financial incentives for energy efficiency such as a federal “green renovation” tax credit for businesses.

Here are some innovative ways members have told us they’re helping the environment: 

"We use a service called Green Circle Salons which recycles everything down to the hair we cut off of people’s heads. We also have chosen two main product lines which have the environment and sustainability as one of the top priorities."    - Hair salon, British Columbia

"Switched to much smaller work vehicles that get much better gas mileage—50% better. Recycle all electronic parts and refrigerant."    - Appliance repair store, Alberta

"Conserving electricity is important to my company as electricity is very expensive. Equipment is turned off when not in use. New LED lighting for the showroom and shop area was installed, and new manufacturing equipment upgrades are now more energy efficient right out of the box."  - Jeweller, Saskatchewan

Has your business gone green? Share your story or examples of actions you’ve taken to help the environment by contacting your CFIB Counsellor!

Why go green?
Not only will you reduce your environmental footprint, but going green can also help you save money in the long run by reducing costs such as electricity! Rather than adding extra red tape and costs, the government should work to recognize the steps you’re already taking to help the environment and make it easier for you to be more sustainable.

Here are five ways you can make your business greener:

  1. Replace your lighting with more efficient LED lights.
  2. Start an office recycling and composting program.
  3. Encourage your employees to walk, bike or take public transit to work.
  4. Use natural, non-chemical cleaning products.
  5. Switch to electronic receipts and invoices to reduce your use of paper.

Some provinces have programs that offer rebates to businesses who make green choices. Contact your CFIB Counsellor at 1-888-234-2232 or to learn more about what’s available for your business!