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Paperweight Awards: Nominate your redtape nightmare

Weekly steak dinners. A new business license—just for changing addresses. A carbon tax rebate costing $80,000.

These are just some of the regulatory blunders CFIB members have faced over the years. We’re taking a break from handing out these dubious honours in 2021, but you can still see who has earned the spotlight in past years below.   

The power of a Paperweight Award

When we stand together against unfair rules and regulations, we can have a major impact on government policies--like in Quebec, where a 2019 Paperweight Award helped this business owner wake up from his red tape nightmare. 

Paperweights through the years

About Red Tape Awareness Week: Each year, we dedicate one week in January to raise public awareness about how excessive regulations and red tape affect you, and challenge politicians and bureaucrats across the country to take action.