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Red Tape Awareness Week

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Pushing for real action on your regulatory burden

It never fails: anytime we ask what issues seriously concern you, red tape comes out near the top of the list. 

But it doesn’t always show up on governments’ radars. That’s why we created Red Tape Awareness Week: to drive decision makers to cut unnecessary regulations. Over the course of the week, we show how regulatory burdens from all three levels of government impede your ability to run a successful business and hurt the country’s economy.

The 10th year anniversary of Red Tape Awareness Week will be held from January 21-25, 2019.

The worst of the worst

We want your horror stories. The 2019 Paperweight Awards will be given out to the most egregious stories of regulatory overreach. Previous ‘winners’ include a fees for a children’s lemonade stand and a ban on cutting hair.  

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Celebrating red tape warriors

We’re looking for a true champion of small business! The 2019 Golden Scissors Awards will recognize people and departments that have led the fight against red tape by cutting regulations that hinder the success of small businesses. 

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The true cost of red tape

Regulations don’t just take up your time. They’re taking billions out of the Canadian economy.

How does your province compare?

If you think you’ve got it worse than others, here’s your chance to find out. The Red Tape Report Card gives each provincial and territorial government a letter grade based on their progress in cutting the red tape.

Who will step up?

The annual Red Tape Challenge encourages provinces to take concrete action to reduce red tape – and they’re starting to listen.

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Actions speak louder than words

Here are just some of the results we’ve seen from past Red Tape Awareness Weeks:


  • 2017: A big win for businesses in Manitoba! The provincial government took up our one-for-one challenge, agreeing to throw out an old regulation for every new one. British Columbia and Quebec earned top marks for their efforts to get rid of barriers to your success.
  • 2016: Ontario answered our challenge to develop an online tool where you can point out duplicated regulations that cause you headaches, while Saskatchewan announced that its red tape reduction strategy had saved businesses $12 million! Plus, four provinces and two municipalities officially proclaimed Red Tape Awareness Week.
  • 2015: We found that the regulatory burden costs Canada’s entrepreneurs $37.1 billion! But there were some bright spots: British Columbia got an A grade for extending its one-for-one rule through 2019, and the Minister of National Revenue won the Golden Scissors Award for cutting a huge amount of paperwork when you remit payroll taxes!