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Red Tape Awareness Week

Wrapped up in red tape? Let's cut it off!

It never fails: anytime we ask what issues seriously concern you, red tape comes out near the top of the list. 

But it doesn’t always show up on governments’ radars. That’s why we created Red Tape Awareness Week (RTAW): to drive decision makers to cut unnecessary regulations. And with the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve never needed them to act faster. 

Red Tape Awareness Week looked a little different in 2021. We revealed two new reports showing how much red tape costs the Canadian economy, and which governments are stepping up to the challenge. And while we didn’t name-and-shame wacky rules from across the country or celebrate as many regulatory heroes who cut needless regulations, we haven’t taken our eye off the ball.

What is red tape costing us?

Every form you fill out, or application you submit, or rule you comply with takes up time and money. What do you get when you add it all up? We’ve calculated the cost of regulation on small business. 


How does your province compare?

Think you’ve got it worse than others? The Red Tape Report Card gives each provincial and territorial government a grade based on their commitment to cutting red tape.


The worst of the worst

Our Paperweight Awards go out to the most egregious stories of regulatory overreach. Previous ‘winners’ include fees for a children’s lemonade stand and a tax based on guesswork.

Red tape warriors

The Golden Scissors Awards recognize people and departments that have led the fight against red tape by cutting regulations that hinder the success of small businesses.

What we’re doing to make it easier on you

Our work doesn’t stop after Red Tape Awareness Week. We’re constantly pushing governments to make your regulatory burden lighter, and we’ve already made great progress.