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Recruiting new employees: Is it time to mix up your usual practice?

Canada's tight labour market means employers may need to shift their strategy for recruiting new employees.

When deciding where you will advertise a job, consider the options from the perspective of the potential candidates. Where do they look for work? Where do they hang out – in person and online?

Raise awareness about your hiring plans with many people. Working with a larger net may help you catch your next great hire from a place you least expected. 

Job posting options continue to grow and evolve. Try a blend of traditional methods and some new approaches. Be creative, add warmth and personality to your posts and have some fun. 

Of course, one of the most important tools when trying to attract top talent is the job ad. It should be exciting and intriguing, while still being honest and accurate. This is a career specialization in itself, but our experts in Business Resources have created one for you! Please follow this link to download your job posting ad template.

Compensation strategies to attract & retain top talent

What is attractive compensation?

  • Pay isn't everything. Studies show most workers are willing to relinquish pay (believe it or not, up to $7000 per year) for flexible work arrangement (be it a less-stringent schedule, or remote work opportunities). Further, employees who work from home are, on average, 25% more productive than their in-office counterparts. If you're feeling a financial pinch, this exchange is the quickest way to control your fixed overhead and cash-flow
  • Make yours a workplace worth bragging about. Statistics highlight that, on average, benefits cost an employer $8000 per employee per year, and surveying outlines that most employees don't understand, nor appreciate, this cost; so why bother offering it? Instead, try "radical perks": 

                       o    3 months of parental leave top up; 
                       o    Money towards travel each year; 
                       o    Continuing education program; 
                       o    Yearly contributions towards their children’s education fund; 
                       o    In-house childcare; 
                       o    Paid days off to volunteer
                       o    A “fun” company vehicle (eg. Sports car) that they can use for
                             personal events on a rotating basis
                       o    Your imagination is the only limitation!

  • Don't be shy about compensating workers with a nice title. Many business owners are unwilling to offer the title of Supervisor, Manager, Technician, Specialist, etc., because they believe it adds an element of risk surrounding employment standards entitlements or the requirement to pay more. The reality is, however, that the worker's duties and core functions are actually the determinate factor. Along with a workplace worth bragging about, workers want a job title worth bragging about 

March 18, 2022

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