Small Business Safety Toolkit: Protecting staff, saving money.

Managing occupational health and safety is just as important as managing finances when it comes to your bottom line. Research shows that safe businesses are more profitable, whereas workplace injuries:

  • cost  money,
  • reduce productivity,
  • can require the hiring of replacement workers or paying staff overtime,
  • might incur steep fines, and;
  • will increase workers compensation insurance premiums

Most importantly, though, workplace injuries hurt people but, as a small business owner, you can be proactive!

The Small Business Safety Toolkit provides easy-to-use, step-by-step guidelines and sample forms that business operators can use to identify hazards and develop a safety plan to keep everybody safe on the job. Developed by CFIB, the provincial government, and the Workers’ Compensation Board, the toolkit helps businesses to establish a health and safety system in their workplace, learn their basic duties and responsibilities under the law and understand the importance of health and safety to the operations of a business.

Health and safety is important to everyone.  It’s not only the law, it’s the right thing to do and it makes good business sense. Contact our Counsellors so  we can review your Occupational Health and Safety  requirements and our Return to Work  package to ensure you keeping your employees safe in the workplace.