Training employees in the Yukon? Save money through the CHOICES rebate program!

CHOICES is a rebate program that rewards Yukon employers, registered with the Workers' Compensation Board, for training their employees.

What kind of training is eligible for CHOICES?
A wide range of training is eligible as long as it is delivered by approved third parties and results in proof of completion. Free and online training such as courses offered through our partner Vubiz are eligible.

The courses do not necessarily need to be focused on safety. Courses that enhance your employees’ skills to perform their duties more safely, education on return-to-work practices, or training aimed at mitigating injury would also qualify for a rebate.

The CHOICES information webpage includes an example list of CHOICES-eligible training. Other training may also be eligible; you can check with WCB Yukon to ensure your training preferences qualify.

How much can you save?
Rebates can range from 4% to 10% of your annual WCB assessment (up to a maximum of $25,000 per year). Rebate percentages are calculated based on industry and the rate group you belong to, assessable payroll, and the number of hours of training. If you are COR- or SECOR-certified, you will automatically qualify for a 10% rebate. 

To find out what your rebate may be, you can refer to the CHOICES policy or contact WCB Yukon.

How can you apply for your CHOICES rebate?
You will need to complete Section B of your annual Employer’s Payroll Return (EPR) form. While you will not need to provide training documentation proof with the EPR form, it is recommended that you keep proof of training as part of a spot audit and documentation purposes. Your WCB premiums will be deducted based on your CHOICES rebate.

For more information, please contact WCB Yukon at 867-667-5645 or toll-free 800-661-0443.