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6 tips to manage workplace burnout


According to a pertinent article in Psychology Today, burnout is one of those road hazards in life that one really should be keeping a close eye out for, but sadly—often because of our "I can do everything" personalities—we rarely see it coming. Because high-achievers (often synonymous with those who have an entrepreneurial spirit) are often so passionate about what they do, they tend to ignore the fact that they're working exceptionally long hours, taking on exceedingly heavy workloads, and putting enormous pressure on themselves to excel—all of which make them ripe for burnout.

Battling burnout and preventative measures

So now you are aware of how to identify burnout, both within yourself as your employees. This is half the battle. The other half is what to do when you start seeing the signs, to prevent and reverse the effects of burnout before it sets in. Here’s 6 tips, but don’t be afraid to get creative with a few of your own!

These are just a few of the possibilities surrounding addressing workplace fatigue and small business burnout. Some may be possible for your workplace, some may not, but by being creative and challenging the norm, you might not only be able to battle burnout, you may be able to increase productivity and job satisfaction! 

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July 20, 2018

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