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Big news for small business: first-ever credit card fee reduction announced

November 4, 2014
Visa and MasterCard have announced the first-ever reduction in the interchange fees that small business owners pay to accept credit cards. CFIB and its members played a key part in this announcement.

Download your POS card and place it by the cash register

June 28, 2013
Canada's Code of Conduct for the credit and debit card industry is unique in the world and provides merchants with new powers in their dealings with credit card companies and banks. We believe that the best way to ensure the credit card companies do not increase merchant fees even further is for merchants to act directly and promote the benefits of paying with Interac or cash.

Let’s keep the payments industry fair, transparent and competitive

July 17, 2012
The Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry in Canada is working well, but needs to be strengthened and enhanced to deal with a variety of mobile payment options and an important upcoming ruling by the Competition Tribunal.
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