Banking on Better Service

April 2010

Doug Bruce, Director of Research
Queenie Wong, Research Analyst

Based on survey results from 12,124 business owners, this report provides a unique information base for business owners, bankers and public policymakers on banks’ individual performances in the SME market. By going directly to SME owners and asking them to rate their level of satisfaction with the services received from their bank, CFIB is able to provide a rating of the banks and other lending institutions based on the view of their actual clients.

Bank Scores: by Size of Business (0 is worst; 10 is best)

Bank Scores: by Size of Business (0 is worst; 10 is best)

To provide some historical insight into banks’ performance in servicing the SME sector, market share trends are provided for the past 20 years, 1989 to 2009. Striking trends have appeared in bank shares of the SME market, particularly among two major banks that have lost significant market share.

The report also provides a wealth of additional information on financing. How many SMEs applied for credit financing? How many SME loan applications were accepted or rejected? What was the cost and size of the loan? Are businesses of different sizes and in different sectors served differently by banks?

This report serves as a valuable tool for banks to improve the way they treat their SME clients.