Plans for Accessible Ontario by 2025- What your business is required to do today

(source: Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services - Customer Service: What you need to do to comply)

The Ontario government implemented a province-wide mandatory standard for all organizations, through the Accessibility Act for Ontarians with Disabilities 2005. The purpose of the Act is to create an accessible Ontario by 2025.  January 1st 2012 the private sector was required to comply with the Customer Service Standards portion of the Act. More compliance regulations will follow each year. To understand your requirements on current AODA requirments, please visit our AODA 2014 and beyond implementation information site.

Important note: Organizations failing to comply will be subject to random inspection, compliance orders, and/or fines & penalties.

The Customer Service Standards- must be in place by December 31, 2012:

A business must develop, implement and enforce accessibility standards through 11 requirements under Customer Service Standard

 If your business has less than 19 employees:

         Useful tools: Business Checklist & AODA Compliance Wizard

If your business has 20 or more employees

All employees that are full time, part time, seasonal and contract must receive this training.

Important Information:


 AODA 2014 and beyond implementation information

 Please contact a CFIB Business Counsellor at 1–888–234–2232 or email if you have any questions.

CFIB`s Accessible Plan for Ontario

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