Let’s keep the payments industry fair, transparent and competitive

LATEST NEWS: In November 2012, CFIB submitted our recommendations on a draft Addendum that would strengthen the Credit and Debit Card Code of Conduct with regard to mobile payments. CFIB sees the changes as essential to keep the Canadian payments industry fair and effective for small businesses.

The Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry in Canada is working well, but needs to be strengthened and enhanced to deal with a variety of mobile payment options and an important upcoming ruling by the Competition Tribunal.

The Code that CFIB initially proposed, and the federal government implemented, was a worldwide first that helped save low-cost debit in Canada and gave merchants some degree of power in dealing with the industry.

CFIB has submitted a list of proposed Code-related changes to ensure a fair, transparent and competitive payments industry. These include:


  • Updating the current Code in order to eliminate the “Honour-all-cards” rule and allow merchants to surcharge for certain payment methods as recommended by the Competition Bureau;
  • Adding new provisions to address rapidly growing mobile payment options;
  • Strengthening provisions related to card processor practices as some players are using loopholes to avoid the merchant protections of the Code; and
  • Developing more effective dispute resolution processes.