Small business welcomes major labour law review

CFIB focus on Saskatchewan, October 2010

CFIB focus on Saskatchewan, October 2010

You told us balancing labour laws was your top priority. Thanks to your involvement, the Saskatchewan government listened and launched a major review of labour legislation in Saskatchewan. The government proposes to modernize, simplify and amalgamate labour legislation as well as explore the creation of a Saskatchewan Employment Code.

 CFIB looks forward to reviewing the consultation paper and participating in the discussions on how best to modernize Saskatchewan’s labour laws. 

What’s next?  We will continue to push for changes such as: 

  • Eliminating the averaging hours permit by allowing mutual agreement between employer and employee in deciding hours of work, without government intervention
  • Requiring employees to give notice to the employer before quitting a job 
  • Providing greater flexibility around hours of work and overtime by allowing overtime hours to be banked and later taken off with pay, hour for hour, during regular work hours
  • Rejecting automatic indexation of province’s minimum wage annually to economic indicators such as CPI or to changes in the average weekly earnings or the average industrial wage 

Make your voice heard - Take a moment to get involved and sign CFIB’s petition for change!

Questions about Saskatchewan Labour standards? Contact Business Resources at 1-888-234-2232.