Sask & Alberta cities dominate list of Canada's Top 10 entrepreneurial cities

To celebrate Small Business Week, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business released a report: Communities in Boom: Canada’s Top Entrepreneurial Cities which shows five of Saskatchewan’s cities are in the top ten overall rankings.

For the third year in a row, Grande Prairie received the best overall score of the 103 cities evaluated across the country, with Saskatoon and Regina rounding out the top three. Moose Jaw was 4th, followed by Lloydminster 5th, Red Deer 6th, Prince Albert 7th, Edmonton 8th, Lethbridge 9th and St John’s 10th.

“It’s great news to see Saskatchewan’s cities rank so well,” said Marilyn Braun-Pollon, CFIB’s vice-president, Prairie & Agri-business.” It’s certainly reflective of an optimistic small business sector that is responding well to a growing economy and growing customer base.”

Communities in Boom

Communities in Boom

Top 10 Entrepreneurial Cities - 2012

There is no single best way to measure the entrepreneurship quotient of cities, so CFIB combines a range of approaches to arrive at a series of scores. A perfect ‘100’ result is only a remote possibility because a city would need to have the best score of all 100 cities in all 14 categories. The top 10 scoring cities in Canada still leave considerable room for improvement—collecting index measures ranging from 57 to 65.

Big city entrepreneurial policy (out of 40): This category indicates the influence local governments have on business decision making. Given their low commercial to residential property tax gap, it is not surprising to see Saskatoon (29) and Regina (26) lead the pack, followed by St John’s (26), Thunder Bay (26), and Oshawa (26). However, Saskatchewan business owners worry many municipalities may introduce property tax hikes in 2013, which could dampen optimism.

Big city entrepreneurial perspective (out of 35): When it comes to the places where business owners are most upbeat, two Saskatchewan cities make the top 5: Regina (25), Quebec City (23), Saskatoon (22), St. John’s (22), Calgary (20), and Sudbury (20).

Big city entrepreneurial presence (out of 25): The top 5 cities that do well in this category are Calgary (16), Kelowna (16), Edmonton (15), Suburban Vancouver (14) and Suburban Toronto (13).  Saskatchewan cities scored lower on this category with Saskatoon (13) and Regina (11).