Red Tape Awareness Week™ 2014 – The red tape revolution marches on…



Sign our petition and call on your government to measure, publicly report on, and reduce the red tape burden.

The red tape revolution. The concept is simple. Reducing the massive burden faced by small businesses, and all Canadians, as a result of government rules or processes that take too long, cost too much or simply make no sense. 

Now in its fifth year, Red Tape Awareness WeekTM has moved beyond awareness to action and beyond education to change. Over the years, we’ve made some big waves in national and regional media, created buzz among Canadians, and made governments sit up and listen. Now CFIB is calling on governments at all levels to hold themselves accountable for the excessive rules and paperwork that they create.


Here’s what we have lined up:

It’s been an incredible week of dedication to cutting red tape from coast to coast. Here’s just a snapshot of what’s been going on in every region.

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