Will the new Employment Insurance changes affect your business?

With the goal of connecting Canadians with available jobs, the federal government announced changes to Employment Insurance (EI) system that will come into effect on January 6th 2013. We are pleased to see the government moving forward with steps to address the shortage of qualified labour that almost half of our members have told us is impacting their business.

What’s changing?

  • Three new categories of claimants have been created: 
    • a. Long-tenured workers
    • b. Frequent claimants
    • c. Occasional claimants
  • New definition for a “reasonable job search”
  • New definition for “suitable employment”


What’s NOT changing?

There are no changes to:

  • Benefits
  • The temporary foreign worker and Seasonal agriculture worker program
  • EI special benefits for maternity leave, parental, compassionate, and sick leave

Many of these changes will be left to the discretion of EI staff to determine if claimants are following the rules.  We will monitor the implementation of these changes closely to ensure they are encouraging EI recipients to go back to work while reflecting the realities of seasonal industries.

Will these changes affect your business? We want to know and government needs to know.

CFIB's Business Counsellors are available to answer your questions. Contact us at cfib@cfib.ca or by calling 1–888–234–2232.

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