Preferred CFIB rates

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As a CFIB member, you benefit from preferred rates on your VISA, MasterCard and Interac processing with Chase Paymentech1.

+Visa and MasterCard

Merchant Discount Rates
VisaMasterCard MasterCard
As of Dec 1st, 2016


Industry Specific Rates(CDN $ Accounts)*



Consumer Electronic
(For most CDN $ Accounts)


Everyday Spend






U.S. $ Accounts


Additional Fees
(CDN and US $ Accounts)5

Assessment Fee


Acquirer License Fee6

Non-Qualified Transactions Processing Fee0.27%

Interchange Differential

Passed through at cost, as set by Visa and MasterCard

* For qualifying merchants as determined by Visa and MasterCard.


  • 5 ¢ per transaction.
  • Interac Switch fee included.
  • No added "Network Fee"
+Other fees5

Other FeesCDN Dollar AccountsU.S. Dollar Accounts4
Monthly administration fee$3.95 
(regular $12.95) 
(regular $12.95) 
Account setup feesWaived$50.00
(waived if merchant has
$ CDN account)
Annual renewal feesWaived$25.00
(waived if merchant has
$ CDN account)
Visa/MasterCard application feeWaived$25.00 each
(waived if merchant has
$ CDN account)
Funds transfer fee or Push feeNoneNone
Visa/MasterCard transaction fee (each)None$0.20
Fee for a non Visa, MasterCard or Interac transaction (each)$0.08$0.25
Monthly minimum discount (for each of Visa and MasterCard)$8.00$20.00
Visa/MasterCard Fees for Transactions with cards not issued in Canada or in a foreign currency (passed through at cost by Chase Paymentech)Contact Chase Paymentech

Reminders about payment processing rates

  • Don’t only look at Merchant Discount Rates.
  • How each payment processor collects fees can vary greatly. For instance, there are no extra fees charged by Chase Paymentech when you close your batch at the end of the day or to deposit funds to your bank.
  • Make sure you understand your Total Cost of Acceptance (TCA) which is the combined cost for all credit and debit fees including the administration and equipment charges.
  • Ask Chase Paymentech for a detailed comparison and a full breakdown of all costs. They will look at your current statements and rates to determine where they can deliver better value.

Call 1 888 317-9535 for more information or a free no obligation comparison.

1. Members who wish to obtain payment processing services from Chase Paymentech must submit an application. All applications are subject to Chase Paymentech’s standard approval policies and procedures, including without limitation credit approval and entering into a Merchant Agreement with Chase Paymentech. Certain conditions apply. Proof of membership status with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) will be required.
2. This Merchant Discount Rate (“MDR”) applies to Canadian transactions that qualify at the Consumer Electronic Interchange Level (“Qualified Transactions”) as set by Visa and MasterCard. Your eligibility for a particular MDR rate is dependent on the nature of your business as determined by Visa and MasterCard. Contact Chase Paymentech Merchant Support at: 1 800 265-5158 for additional details.
3. This Merchant Discount Rate (“MDR”) applies to US transactions that qualify at the Foreign Consumer Standard Interchange Level (“Qualified Transactions”) only.  US Dollar transactions payable in USD.
4. For all Canadian and US transactions that are not Qualified Transactions (“Non Qualified Transactions”), you will be charged the applicable MDR, the difference in interchange (if interchange is higher) for processing the Non-Qualified Transaction and the Non-Qualified Transaction Processing Fee set out above. 
5. All fees and rates are subject to change as set out in the Merchant Agreement.
6. As of April 1st, 2016 this Acquirer License Fee applies to all MasterCard transactions. This fee will appear in the “Other Charges” section of your statement.

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