A simple, flexible and affordable solution to build and host your website or online store


The digital imperative
In today's digital world, your business' website is critical in helping you:

  • drive sales
  • better service your customers
  • build brand credibility and awareness

If customers don’t know about your business, can’t find it, or fail to locate the information they need about a product or service they are looking to purchase — they will go elsewhere.

It all starts, and often ends with your website
Like it or not, more and more customers are interacting, and transacting with businesses online, and most purchase decisions of any significance now start with online research. 

If you operate a retail business, e-commerce is a meaningful way to expand sales beyond your local footprint while defending your own turf against online competitors eying your market and your customers.

Your website is also the face of your business, and provides a great, low-cost opportunity to brand your business—telling customers what your business is all about, keeping them engaged, and differentiating you from the competition.

A tangled web
Perhaps your business is new to the internet, or maybe your business is just new.  But most likely, you already have a website of greater or lesser sophistication, and wish that it...

  • looked better
  • worked better
  • was more affordable
  • was easier to administer
  • did more

That's where BarkBuilder comes in...
No matter your level of sophistication, or the unique needs or goals of your business, BarkBuilder is an incredibly simple, affordable and feature-rich solution to build and host your website or online store.  And for businesses with modest needs, you can unleash the power of BarkBuilder for free—giving you the bark, without any of the bite.

CFIB has partnered with BarkBuilder—a proud Canadian company— to offer its members an incredible deal on an equally incredible service.  Check it out!

Or e-mail cfib@barkbuilder.com