CFIB releases the Newfoundland and Labrador Municipal Spending Watch Report

A new annual report, Newfoundland and Labrador’s Municipal Spending Watch, shows the vast majority of the province’s 20 largest municipalities are overspending at unsustainable levels.

A “New East Partnership”: Breaking down interprovincial trade barriers in Atlantic Canada

International free trade agreements have been making headlines, but for small businesses, the most pervasive trade barriers are the ones between provinces. CFIB’s latest report, A “New East Partnership”: Breaking down interprovincial trade barriers in Atlantic Canada, details many of the issues commonly encountered when trying to do business in other provinces.

Government Releases Regulatory Reform Report

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is pleased with a new report on regulatory reform released today by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Adapting to changing fiscal realities

Municipalities affect our daily lives more than the other levels of government. They are responsible for some basic services that make our lives easier. When those services are affected, everyone tends to notice. However, municipalities say they need more revenue to continue to provide the services citizens expect.

Growing the (Municipal) Pie

In April 2014, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business submitted our members’ views and provided recommendations to the provincial and municipal governments of ways to help contribute to the growth of the provincial economy. In June we submitted a companion document that focused on the public policies that municipal governments can influence and presented additional information to support those initial recommendations.
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