Telecom providers take more and give less, hurting small biz

A CFIB survey shows that almost 50% of small business owners are unhappy with the current options provided by telecom providers. From internet to a variety of wireless technologies, businesses expect telecom providers to offer fairly priced options, good customer service, and a variety of service providers to choose from.

Yukon Budget 2014 supports small business

CFIB is pleased with the 2014 budget that Premier Pasloski delivered on March 25th, 2014.

Small business priorities presented to Yukon political leaders

CFIB met recently with municipal and territorial politicians to present your concerns. Find out more here.

Yukon Government scores a D on red tape accountability report card

The grades are in, and governments across Canada have been marked on how well (or poorly) they are doing in terms of measuring and publicly reporting on the rules, processes and paperwork that they impose on small business.

Keeping the pulse of agri-business in Canada

Thanks to your survey results, every month we can report to the media, politicians, civil servants and Canadians about the state of agri-business in Canada. It’s called the Agriculture Business Barometer®. It’s timely, helpful and entirely unique to CFIB.
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