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Small Business Views on CPP Expansion

New survey: Small business owners want the federal and provincial governments to postpone the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) expansion

The Cost of Banking Sick Days in the Public Sector

Sick days in the public sector have become controversial in recent years due to concerns over their possible misuse among employees and related costs. The last CFIB report on sick days showed that public sector workers take a higher number of days away from work compared to private sector workers.

Groundbreaking report on fraud and small business

One out of every five small businesses is victimized by fraud, but at what cost? For the first time ever, CFIB has been able to put a price tag on scams, finding that small businesses impacted by fraud lost, on average, $6,200 to scammers in the last year.

Public pension bridge benefit built on shaky foundation

The key to unlocking early retirement benefits not available to anyone else is to get a government job. CFIB’s latest research snapshot calls for the end of a government pension perk known as a “bridge benefit.”

Beyond the Big Border

Hidden fees and other costs of trading across the Canada/US border hit small businesses the hardest, but does that mean it’s not worth doing business with our largest trading partner? CFIB’s latest report breaks down border bottlenecks to help your business better prepare for red-tape-free trade.
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