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Navigate the crisis with CFIB 

CFIB is dedicated to supporting you and your business throughout the COVID-19 crisis and the recovery of the economy. Here, you’ll find support for your business and learn how we're pushing government for better relief measures on your behalf. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business Operations

Learn more about keeping your business open and developing a plan for dealing with COVID-19.

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Financial Support

Get more information on financial aid programs such as CEBA, CERS, CEWS, work-sharing programs and more.

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Employee Management

Familiarize yourself with best practices for managing your employees and keeping them safe.

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We host frequent COVID-19 webinars aimed at helping your business cope with the ongoing pandemic. We also partner with other organizations to cover a variety of topics useful to you.

CFIB's latest COVID-19 webinar

Get updates on government support and advice on managing your business.

CERS Q&A with the CRA

Get answers to your questions about the updated CERS program.

Online to Offline with Shopify

Get your business online with options for your customers to buy products and services, as well as specify curbside pickup or delivery. Please note this webinar cannot be viewed on Internet Explorer. Please switch to another browser and enter your email address to view the webinar. 

CFIB's financial relief options webinar

Learn about financial relief options for small businesses during COVID-19. 

Selling online with eBay and Canada Post

Featuring experts from eBay Canada and Canada Post, this webinar combines expertise in selling on a global online marketplace, as well as shipping and logistics, to equip you with the essential information you need to get your business online and fulfill orders.

Looking to buy or sell PPE?

Access to PPE (personal protective equipment) is one of independent business owners’ top concerns as governments look to reopen the economy. That’s why we created a Facebook group to connect business owners buying and selling PPE. (Don’t have a Facebook account? Email uss at at [email protected] for support.)

Visit our PPE Marketplace

Some provinces are also making information about accessing PPE available. We’ve compiled links you can use to find more suppliers in your province.

Browse PPE Sellers

Our government pressure is leading to greater relief

We are using our members feedback to push policy makers at all levels of government to provide economic relief measures for small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. See current relief measures and find out what else we're fighting to get by jurisdiction below. Learn more about how we’re fighting for better federal relief.

Pandemic petition: join small businesses fighting for more relief

We know your business needs more help from government if it's going to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Sign our petition to join CFIB and business owners across Canada in the fight for greater relief.

How are Canada's businesses doing?

We're regularly surveying our members on the impact of COVID-19 on their business—and using the data to put more pressure on governments for greater relief measures. 

Get free expert advice and support

CFIB members get one-on-one advice from our Business Helpline, exclusive access to helpful webinars and weekly email updates and a voice in the support measures we push for from government.

CFIB members: Get in touch today.

Not a CFIB member? We want to make sure we can support you during this crisis. With a free temporary CFIB membership, you can access the same benefits and supports as a CFIB member. 

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