How to manage absences during Covid and beyond!

Managing your employees during Covid maybe the most challenging thing a business owner has ever had to do, especially now with children returning to school, flu season approaching, social gatherings, etc. but still need to keep your business open and running. 

Here is some information to help relieve some pressure on businesses such as yours during times when you have an employee who must self-isolate, or must stay due to an ill child.

• Monitor and maintain all records of illness or incidents as it relates to pandemic i.e. sick days, hazard reports, incident reports, HR records etc. 

• Plan for "refusal to return to office" scenario 

• Provide mental health support for counseling needs and stress management via current benefit provider or utilizing mental health resources provided by credible sources 


• Make regular contact with you Occupational Health and Safety officer to ensure your office is running up to code

• Having the stamp of approval can help reassure employees are entering a safe and clean environment

*Bonus: Cross-training

• Training your employees at their colleagues’ duties and responsibilities can help ease the squeeze when you find yourself with unexpected absences. They don’t need to know all the specifics, but enough to keep the machine moving in the short term!