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Your business and COVID-19 in Quebec

We’re here to help

To help you navigate these challenging times, this page provides information on pandemic-related restrictions, support measures, government services, and useful CFIB resources. You’ll also learn how CFIB is fighting for your business.

Update: You can now find information on rapid testing in the workplace on this page. For details on eligibility, requirements, and application process, see “Public health measures & restrictions” below. You will also find updates on the Quebec government's reopening plan and the measures in effect for your business.


Help us amplify your voice for better support

To get through the pandemic and its impacts, your business will need better and more flexible help from the government of Quebec. Join the fight for greater relief.

Use our operational plan template

Protecting your staff, customers, and business is a top priority, so we’ve put together an operational plan template to help you do just that. With tips for best practices, advice on meeting provincial compliance requirements, and links to downloadable COVID-19 resources, the plan is clear, concise, and easy to tailor to your needs.

Public health measures & restrictions

Personal protective equipment

Government support

What CFIB is doing in Quebec

What we’ve achieved
  • We worked with government to create the Temporary Aid for Workers Program (now closed).
  • Our advocacy work has led to many tax obligations being eased and/or deferred.
  • Many municipalities have implemented our recommendations, including tax holidays, penalty and fees holidays for unpaid bills, and fast payment of any amounts owed to businesses.
  • In its budget, the Quebec government promised that financial aid to SMEs would continue as long as the pandemic does.
  • Restaurants are now allowed to deliver alcohol.
  • The government has launched several ‘Buy Local’ campaigns.
  • When imposing lockdown, the government now plans for measures that avoid giving an unfair advantage to big box, like forbidding the sale of non-essential goods.
  • After constant pushing from us, the government has allowed curbside pickup.
  • The government announced that SMEs who were eligible for the small business deduction could continue to claim it, even if they did not meet the threshold of 5,500 hours worked because of COVID-19.
What we’re still pushing for
  • Provide SMEs with emergency grants of up to $5000 per month to help pay for rent.
  • Protect commercial tenants from eviction for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Implement financial assistance measures for self-employed workers and new businesses.
  • Implement direct financial assistance measures for SMEs.
  • Temporarily halt QST remittances.
  • Provide wage subsidies to businesses to help them retain their employees.
  • Allow restaurants to deliver alcoholic beverages.
  • Give businesses more time to repay government emergency loans.
  • Raise the loan/subsidy ratio in government relief programs.
  • Extend relief programs’ eligibility criteria to all business impacted by pandemic-related restrictions.
  • Simplify the rules and ease the regulatory burden for businesses that apply for government support.
  • Freeze property taxes.

Learn more on how CFIB is fighting for better relief at the federal level.


Additional resources

Visit our COVID-19 Help Centre

Our primary concern at CFIB is making sure you have the support you need to get through this uncertain and challenging time. We provide you with expert advice and ensure that you have all of the latest information on government announcements and available support.