Working at heights – What you need to know

The Ministry of Labour requires workers in the construction industry and other industries to take working at heights training.

Should I or my employees take the Working at Heights Training? Yes, if you employ workers for construction projects, or work on construction projects yourself and use any of the following fall protection methods: Travel restraint system; fall restricting system; fall arrest system; safety net; work belt; or safety belt. Please visit the Ministry of Labour’s Working at Heights Training webpage for more information.

How can I obtain training for my employees?

The Chief Prevention Officer-approved working at heights training program to be delivered by a CPO-approved training provider.

What is included in the Working at Heights Training?

The training program comes in two modules

  • Module one: Working at Heights Theory (3 hours)
  • Module two: Working at Heights Practical Equipment (3.5 hours)


Upon successful completion of the module, training is valid for 3 years

Are you someone who is interested in becoming an approved training provider to deliver an approved working at heights training program?

Training standards, application forms and other resources for training providers are available on the ministry website.