Finding – and keeping – good workers has always been a challenge and the pandemic has only exacerbated the problem. In a recent CFIB survey, 56% of you indicated labour shortages are severely impacting your ability to run your business. Unfortunately, we can’t make the ideal candidate just appear in your workplace, but we can provide tools and resources to help guide you through the hiring and retention process.

Online learning

Hiring an employee can be overwhelming with so many different areas of compliance to take into consideration. Our webinar Cutting through the red tape in hiring talks you through the administration of hiring and breaks down everything you need in place to ensure you are onside with applicable laws.

By 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. This ambitious younger generation has different expectations, work styles and technology needs – but they also bring a fresh perspective and a wealth of ideas. Managing Millennials provides great insights into the value hiring a millennial can bring to your business.


Have your say

As small business owners like you come out of the pandemic, many aren’t able to find the workers they need. This means reduced opening hours, delivery delays, backlogs, reduced customer service and other limits to your recovery. Sign our petition calling on government to get you the support your business needs to get back on track!


Read the research – Labour Shortage Report

In November 2021, we surveyed our members on their workforce and the difficulties they were experiencing with hiring – 56% of you indicated you were having difficulties finding the staff you need.

Our report, Continuing Labour Shortages Causing Serious Problems for Canada’s Economy, explains how conditions became so critical, what issues existed before the pandemic, the role the pandemic played and the most effective solutions to help small business now and in the future.