Canada’s labour shortage is throttling the economy. As small business owners like you come out of the pandemic, many are not able to find the workers they need. This means reduced opening hours, delivery delays, backlogs, reduced customer service and other limits to your recovery. Sign our petition calling on government to get you the support your business needs to get back on track!

1 in 3
businesses cannot find the workers they need to operate at their normal level

of businesses are limited in expanding or growing due to the labour shortage


Prime Minister and Premiers

CC: My Member of Parliament

Despite all our efforts, businesses like mine are struggling to find employees. It’s killing our ability to grow, serve customers, meet deadlines, and generate sales. It’s a major roadblock to our recovery!

I need your governments to implement these measures to help tackle the labour shortage:

  • Introduce a payroll tax holiday for all new hires (e.g. EI, CPP/QPP, WCB premiums, Employer Health Tax, etc.).
  • Introduce a training tax credit that recognizes on-the-job training for SMEs.
  • Make permanent the Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance and Immediate Expensing to support investments in automation.
  • Ensure government programs don’t create disincentives to work.
  • Improve and streamline the temporary foreign worker and immigration processes to get more workers that small businesses need into Canada faster.
  • Create a tax incentive for hiring underrepresented workers (such as seniors, youth, etc.).