Make Alberta more affordable
for small businesses!

Alberta heads to the polls in just a few short weeks. Make your voice count - sign our petition to make sure your business is a top priority for the next government!

Three hands holding vote symbols The word 'taxes' with a downward arrow symbolizing tax reduction Dollar sign with an upward arrow symbolizing fuel and energy costs' increase

Only 16% of Alberta businesses are confident their priorities will receive attention during the election campaign.

3 in 4 (74%) Alberta businesses want the government to focus on reducing the small business tax burden.

81% of Alberta businesses say fuel and energy costs are their top cost constraints.

Dear Premier Smith

CC: My Member of the Legislative Assembly

The cost of doing business in Alberta has skyrocketed! As we continue to weather the economic storm of inflation, interest rate hikes, and low consumer confidence, your government must address the number one priority of small business which is to provide cost relief for small businesses.

All I want is to be able to afford to run a profitable business in this province.

To help me offset the increased costs of doing business in Alberta and keep my business competitive, I am calling on your government to:

  • Avoid introducing any new costs (tax increases, new fees, etc.) for small businesses
  • Index the Small Business Tax Rate threshold to inflation annually and deliver a plan to gradually reduce to 0%
  • Continue the suspension of the gas tax and identify ways to lower energy and utility costs
  • Focus on red tape accountability and reduction measures, including eliminating internal trade barriers
  • Work with municipalities to lower property taxes and help address other issues like crime prevention and affordable housing
  • Review municipal building permit processes and adopt a comprehensive construction mitigation package.
  • Adopt policies to address Alberta’s labour shortages