I can’t afford to cover increased labour costs!

80% of Ontario’s small businesses can’t afford to take on new costs to pay for a mandatory employer-paid sick days program1.

3 paid sick days 5 paid sick days 10 paid sick days
5 employees: $3,240 5 employees: $5,400 5 employees: $10,800
10 employees: $6,480 10 employees: $10,800 10 employees: $21,600
25 employees: $16,200 25 employees: $27,000 25 employees: $54,0002
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We’re going to continue making sure that small businesses, and all businesses in this province, thrive and grow and prosper. Quotation mark
Premier Doug Ford,
Ontario legislature, October 25, 2021

1 Source: CFIB 2022 Ontario Election Survey
2 Source: Statistics Canada, All calculations based on Ontario median wage as of August 2022

Hon. Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario

CC: Hon. David Piccini, Minister of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development

CC: My Member of Parliament

My business can’t find the employees we need. Payroll costs are already skyrocketing and the price of everything continues to rise!

The cost of doing business is higher than it’s ever been. My pandemic recovery is still uncertain. Now is not the time to dump new costs on small businesses!

Don’t force my business to pay even more. I can’t afford it!

To keep labour costs affordable and help Ontario stay open for business, I urge you: Do not introduce any mandatory employer-paid sick days!