Image of three shops, two yellow, and the one in the middle, red, symbolizing the percentage of SK small business owners who cannot find the workers they need to operate at their normal level

1 in 3 Saskatchewan small businesses cannot find the workers they need to operate at their normal level.

A matchstick figure holding resumes in his hand symbolizing the large number of SK small business owners who are suffering from labour shortage

78% of Saskatchewan small businesses are limited in expanding or growing due to the labour shortage.

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Any and all measures that aim to increase the available labour in the pool are essential. Quotation mark
— Brianna Solberg
CFIB Legislative Affairs Director

Small business owners clock in 59 hours a week to make up for labour shortages.
CFIB media release - April 24, 2023

Dear Premier Moe

CC: The Hon. Jeremy Harrison, Minister of Immigration and Career Training
CC: My Member of Parliament

Despite all our efforts, businesses like mine are struggling to find employees. It’s killing our ability to grow, serve customers, meet deadlines, and generate sales. It’s a major roadblock to our recovery!

I need your government to take action to help tackle labour shortages by:

  • Working with the federal government to improve and streamline the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) to ensure applications are processed in a timely manner.
  • Enhancing Saskatchewan’s settlement, integration and FCR programs and services for all newcomers (to encourage labour market attachment, improve foreign qualification recognition and bolster immigrant retention).
  • Encouraging Work Integrated Learning (WIL) programs in universities and colleges (such as co-op programs and internships) to help correct the mismatch between labour market needs and the qualifications of unemployed individuals.
  • Being more proactive and competitive in recruiting international students and skilled workers from overseas.
  • Ensuring government programs don’t create disincentives to work.
  • Stimulating automation through programs or tax credits.