Human resources for small business

Most small business have at least one employee. With employees come challenges that are found nowhere else. When handled right, employees can help you grow your business. If handled improperly, employees can be a source of much frustration.

At CFIB we can point you in the right direction by giving you tips on meeting these challenges. We have you covered from A to Z. With this interactive document you will be able to access all our ressources on the web. Whether you are hiring your first employee or facing the prospect of having to let someone go, call us first.  

Other businesses have told us that having the right policies in place and by adhering to some fairly simple rules, dealing with employee issues can be done professionally and add to the vitality without fear. However, trying to put policies and procedures in place after a problem has arisen can lead to loss of time and money. We have years of experience in understanding workplace issues and pointing small business in the right direction.

We would recommend at minimum to hire using a letter of offer containing basic job requirement. Having this in writing can save much time and money by limiting misunderstanding later on. Of course there are, depending on your jurisdiction, regulatory requirements that can leave you at risk of fine or worse if you are not in compliance. We are familiar with these as well.

Give us a call at 1-888-234-2232 or contact us at  We can get you started on a better future.

October 16, 2013