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Your SK HR A-Z toolkit for policies and procedures

You don’t have an HR department? Don’t worry– we’ve got you covered! Our Human Resources A-Z toolkit was designed for business owners operating in Saskatchewan.

Running a small business can be challenging, demanding, but rewarding. From the bookkeeping to servicing your customers or even training your employees, you do it all! We want you to remain successful and this is why we created this interactive HR toolkit, a one-stop shop for your A to Z Human Resources policies and procedure.

AAttendance Policy HelpNNew Employee Orientation
BBoxing Day - Is it a HolidayOOccupational Health & Safety
CCode of Conduct for employeesPPrivacy Policy
DDisciplinary ProceduresQQuestions for Interviews
EEmployee Contract TemplateRReducing Termination Exposure
FForeign WorkersSSocial Media Policy Template
GGuide to Employment StandardsTTraining Employees - What to Know
HHiring for the 1st TimeUUnderage Employees - What to Know
IInternshipVViolence in The Workplace
JJob Description TemplateWWorker Injury Claims
KKeeping Employee RecordsXeXit Interviews
LLetter of Offer TemplateYYouth Employment
MMaternity LeaveZZero Tolerance - Harassment


Still have questions? Contact a CFIB Business Counsellor.