Make Alberta more affordable
for small businesses!

The Alberta government needs to address my top concerns!

1. Taxes 2. Cost increases 3. Labour Policies 4. Red Tape 5. Labour Shortages
Image of a gas canister with three dollar signs, symbolizing the fuel and energy costs

81% of Alberta businesses say fuel and energy costs are their top cost constraint.

A hammer breaking a yellow board symbolizing the government breaking its promise to small business owners

Half of Alberta small businesses are worried the government will break election promises.

Dear Premier Smith

CC: My Member of the Legislative Assembly

The cost of doing business in Alberta has skyrocketed! As we continue to weather the economic storm of inflation, interest rate hikes, and low consumer confidence, your government must address the concerns of small businesses.

All I want is to be able to afford to run a profitable business in this province.

To help me offset the increased costs of doing business in Alberta and keep my business competitive, I am calling on your government to:

  • No increase in costs
  • Lower the small business tax rate and index to inflation
  • Continue gas tax and utility cost relief
  • Ensure fair labour policies like legislating WCB rebates
  • Address labour shortages
  • Make red tape reduction a priority
  • Lower education property taxes
  • Introduce a provincial construction mitigation plan