Where does it end?

Government has returned only 0.17% of the carbon tax to small businesses!

  2019—2024 2024—2025
Carbon tax revenue $32 BILLION $13 BILLION
Promised rebate for SMEs $2.5 BILLION $623 MILLION
To be returned to businesses each year 9% 5%
Amount delivered to businesses to date ALMOST ZERO ??

Budget 2024 offers some relief

CFIB Victories Opening quotation mark Budget 2024 proposes to urgently return fuel charge proceeds from 2019-20 through 2023-24 to an estimated 600,000 businesses, with 499 or fewer employees through a new refundable tax credit. This would deliver over $2.5 billion directly to Canada’s small- and medium-sized businesses. Closing quotation mark— Quote from the Federal Budget 2024

Thanks to CFIB, the government finally took the hint. BUT THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER! The carbon tax will add 37 CENTS PER LITRE OF GAS BY 2030!

83% of small businesses still oppose the federal carbon tax plan*, up from 52% in 2022.

The carbon tax is up 300% and increasing!

*Source: CFIB, Your voice survey, April 2024.

Hon. Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Finance

CC: My Member of Parliament

Minister, your carbon tax is failing us.

Your government has collected billions from small businesses and it’s taken 5 years to rebate even a fraction of that amount back to us. Before you’ve returned a penny, you’re further cutting the rebate amount in half and there’s no end in sight to carbon tax increases.

Sky high costs continue to crush my business and I can’t keep raising prices on my customers!

83% of small businesses owners agree that the carbon tax is broken. It has to go!

I am asking you to:

  • eliminate the carbon tax immediately.