Over 900,000 Canadian small businesses had to take on a CEBA loan just to survive two years of lockdowns and business restrictions. And CEBA loans form just a part of the average $110,000 in COVID-related debt inherited by two-thirds of Canada’s small business owners.

For a strong and lasting economic recovery, the federal government must establish a plan to help small firms reduce their COVID debt burdens. Add your voice to thousands of other business owners across the country and ask government to make small business recovery a priority.

Two hands exchanging money representing the SMEs unable to repay their CEBA loan

Only 10% of small businesses have been able to fully repay their CEBA loan.

The words Bills and Debtor on a cellphone, representing the fact that SMEs are carrying pandemic-related debt

72% of small businesses need more time to repay CEBA loans.

The word Sales with a dollar sign representing the fact that not all of SMEs are making normal sales

49% of small businesses are still making below normal revenues.

Your support matters. Here's why.

We fully appreciate having received the CEBA loan and we would not have stayed in business without it. We would benefit if the government were to extend the deadline to Dec. 2024, in order to provide more time for us to recover. Drop in sales due to the economy, people are spending less.
Small business owner - Agriculture, QC
Sales are not coming back and have dropped due to costs. Also profit margins are way down due to food costs. We will need to sell the business to pay back the CEBA loan.
Small business owner - Hospitality, ON

Dear Minister Freeland

CC: My Member of Parliament

My small business had to take on significant debt just to survive two years of lockdown and restrictions.

18 days isn’t an extension. It’s an insult.

Extending the CEBA forgivable deadline is crucial to my business’s survival. Without a meaningful extension, I won’t be able to get back to doing what I do best: growing our economy.

Time is running out. I urge you to:

  • Extend the CEBA forgivable deadline for an additional year to December 2024.